Software to fix Apple MacBook Pro thermal throttling issue

We have been seeing in many review videos that the new mac book pro runs hot when used for a long. Thermal throttling is something When your GPU takes on a heavy workload, such as gaming, it generates a load of heat. When your cooling solution can no longer dissipate heat fast enough to keep temperatures within a safe range, your graphics card starts to dump performance to shed heat. 

The MacBook Pro 2018 15-inch is a powerful pro notebook with a fantastic design. However, in its bid to appeal to the mass market, it might turn off some professionals.

Mac book users are reporting the heating issue They run so hot, in fact, that the very fancy 8th Gen Intel Core processors inside them were throttled down to below their base speed. 


According to THE VERGE, The company also apologized, writing, “We apologize to any customer who has experienced less than optimal performance on their new systems.”

This heating problem is depicted in a video by Dave Lee.


“It was an issue that was unique to this year’s version, particularly the i9,” Lee told TechCrunch, in a follow-up interview this week. “It only occurred because this particular CPU is as power-hungry as it is. That puts it over the top.”

Apple also internally ran tests using Premiere Pro replicating the workloads used in many of the reports related to the bug and said today’s update indeed appears to fix the problem. It will be publishing the results on its website alongside recent update.


As per the verge, there’s a software fix that puts the so-called “missing digital key” back in to better manage the temperature of the processors, it looks like everybody will need to run those tests all over again. That’s precisely what we’re going to do ahead of our review.