Android 9 Pie Full Review, and how Google understands you

Google just launched the Android 9 pie in just two phones i.e. google pixel and the essential phone. That doesn’t necessarily mean fans of LG, Samsung or Motorola will get the update any sooner. Essential has very close ties to the search giant through its founder, Andy Rubin, so everyone else still has a wait in front of them.

Android 9 Pie is a massive, AI-infused software update, and it’s generally a pleasure to use. The handful of features made possible by machine learning are helpful additions, but there’s much more to Pie than that.  That’s all because Google built Android 9 Pie to pay more attention to what you do, and to help out accordingly. That suggestion wasn’t random: It was based on behavior that Android picked up on.

Meanwhile, a new feature called Wind Down lets you define your off-hours. When the time is right, the phone’s screen turns gray. Everything still works the way it’s supposed to so you can keep chugging along if you choose, but in my time with the feature, it’s been great at dissuading me from putting around with my Pixel past 11 PM.


The update adds support for the 802.11mc Wi-Fi protocol, which developers can use to figure out where a device is in relation to nearby Wi-Fi hotspots. That sounds dull until you realize that allows for easier implementations of indoor positioning and mapping.

The android nine is somewhat close to the iPhone X interface. The swipe up for the task manager lags sometimes even in the Essential PH-1 and the task manager also lags a bit in the starting as soon as you install the update. Hope so it goes well. all the best to Google.