Anyone with an Amazon account can make a collaborative wish list

Amazon just came up with a new update where you can make collaborative wish list. This means that more than one people can make contributions into one combined wish list.

In the past, users had to share their lists with people if they wanted to let people know what they were asking for. Collaborators on the list can add or remove products, comment on selections, make suggestions, or buy the item. You can also get notifications and see the history of the list.

The feature is now live and you can find it under “Accounts and Lists” on desktop or “Your Lists” on mobile. Once you create a list, you can invite others, as long as they have Amazon accounts, to collaborate. You can send out link invites or send out emails.


Now, you can plan together all your vacation trips without having to screenshot everything and send to everyone. You, along with your family and friends can make plans and edit your wish lost together on amazon. It’s an amazing thing done by amazon, and people will definitely be a lot relieved and it got easier to plan out vacations and functions.

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