Facebook will now highlight common things with random people

Facebook has always been trying to make it interesting for the users. New updates are always exciting. Well, this time it’s a bit different which makes it interesting. The site is looking to boost users’ interactions with one another.

The social network is experimenting with a new feature called “Things in Common” that highlights the details you have in common with your friends’ friends (mutual friends). You might see the label above someone’s name when browsing through a comments conversation, so it could highlight all the things you have in common with that person; same school, hometown, interests and even the similar pages you both have liked and are following. The “things in common” feature appear in a small box underneath a friend’s friend list on the desktop, along with a prompt to “see what you have in common with” that individual’s friends.

‘Things In Common’ is a section we’re testing that contains information that you share in common with someone else, such as mutual friends, page likes, and others. These respect the privacy setting that the profile owner set when entering them,” a Facebook spokesperson said in a statement.


Mark Zuckerberg himself has made it clear this is an area he is intently focused on. “I think there’s something to this idea that your relationships shape your path more than we realize,” he wrote earlier this year.

This feature makes it a whole lot easier to find friends with the same interests. It could be one step toward helping people identify new people they might want to connect with.