Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg ban technology for their children

We all have heard the saying that drug dealers never get high on their own stuff. Well, this might be the case with the millionaires working in the silicon valley. There is a tweet going viral on Twitter, highlighting how the CEOs of tech companies and Silicon Valley visionaries don’t want their kids to use their own disruptive products even as they hard-sell the same products to the rest of the world.

Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg don’t want their kids to be addicted to computers and using Facebook all day long. They want their kids to do something productive and they do understand the fact that the things they created can actually be destroying the youth because kids these days don’t understand the importance of time and spend most of the time on Facebook and internet. At least the creators won’t let their own kids fall into the trap of addiction.

Katharine Birbalsingh is a headmistress in the U.K. who tweeted “Melinda Fate’s children don’t have smartphones and only use a computer in the kitchen. Her husband Bill spends hours in his office reading books while everyone else is refreshing their homepage. The most sought-after private school in Silicon Valley, the Waldorf School of the Peninsula, bans electronic devices for the under-11s and teaches the children of eBay, Apple, Uber and Google staff to make go-karts, knit and cook. Mark Zuckerberg wants his daughters to read Dr. Seuss and play outside rather than use Messenger Kids. Steve Jobs strictly limited his children’s use of technology at home. It’s astonishing if you think about it: the more money you make out of the tech industry, the more you appear to shield your family from its effects.”


A Business Insider report says that Bill Gate’s kids were not allowed to use phones until they were 14 when today the average for a child getting his or her first phone is 10 in the developed world. And there is Mark Zuckerberg, the creator of Facebook who believes that Facebook is a way of connecting people all around the world and wants the whole world to use services like Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp but on the other hand he wants her daughter to read Dr. Seuss and play outside instead of wasting her time on Facebook messenger kids unlike most of the kids do these days.

This clearly gives all the parents the idea of giving their kids a book or a bicycle on their birthday rather than a shiny iPad. If all the parents will have restrictions against technology like Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg then the youth will again be set back on track.