Razer confirmed their second smartphone, extends from PC to mobile market

Razer entered the smartphone market last year when they released their Razer Phone which was a great success, and Razer was critically appreciated for its effort to create a gaming smartphone. Well if you liked the Razer smartphone we have a good news for you, Razer has confirmed that they are working on a second Razer smartphone.

As reported by Razer in their earnings report (via The Verge), the next generation of Razer Phone is in works that will extend the Razer services from PC to smartphone market. There is no detail for now about the device and when it will be released, but we can expect a flagship Snapdragon processor and a screen with much smaller bezels than its predecessor.

Earlier Razer came out with a 120 fps display and it was one of the best out there for gaming. We can still expect some similar kind of innovation in screens in the next gen Razer smartphone.


The company seemed to be very pleased with the success of Razer smartphone, but they didn’t release any specific number of devices sold, but mentioned that the Razer smartphone was released as a “limited run”. Well, probably this time the company could come out big and target a wider audience.

For now, there are no details about the release of the device or any specific details about the device itself.

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