Canon comes out with 30.3 Megapixel Full Frame Mirrorless Canon EOS R camera

Canon and Sony have always been in a competition regarding the quality of pictures. And here we have the Canon Eos R in comparison with the Sony a7. The canons new full frame mirrorless camera and the lens system are out now. the EOS R camera is built around a 30.3-megapixel full-frame sensor.

The EOS R is the first full-frame mirrorless for Canon and launched alongside four lenses and several lens adapters.

Unlike Nikon, who introduced a more entry-level model as well as a higher end, Canon opted for a single camera that appears somewhere in the middle. It sports a 30.3-megapixel sensor, situated between the Nikon Z6’s 24.5 and the Z7’s 45.7.

It has an ISO range of 100-40,000 and is capable of 8 frames per second of continuous shooting. Sony’s A7 III is capable of 10 frames per second while Nikon’s Z6 can handle 12 frames per second.


The EOS R is capable of 4K 30fps video, and full 1080p at 60 frames per second. For storage, Canon is relying on a single UHS-II SD card slot. 

According to the AppleInsider

Canon’s latest lineup will be available in October, running $2,299 for the body only. Bundling the 25-105mm f/4 lens brings it to $3,399. Preorders for the EOS R Mirrorless Camera System, however, start earlier at 12:01 a.m. Eastern on Sept. 12 at Adorama and B&H Photo. In addition to the camera body and kit, both retailers will also be taking preorders for four RF lenses, EF-mount super telephoto lenses, and accessories.


The interesting part is just 2 weeks after Nikon introduced the System Z of lenses. The new series of Canon lenses and a brand-new camera Eos R was out.

We will put the full review of the powerful canon camera after a few weeks of use. Let’s see how this new gen camera performs in day to day life and at night.

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