How a fake photo of Justin Bieber eating burrito sideways blew away the internet.

A week ago (Oct 26), Justin Bieber’s picture of eating burrito sideways went viral. Turns out the photo was hoax and a Cambridge, Ont., Bieber lookalike helped make it happen. The internet went crazy when people noticed this weird pic. Soon all the news channels and troll pages on Instagram, YouTube and Twitter started posting about this picture being real or fake.

The truth behind the photo of a guy on a bench eating a burrito sideways that the internet guessed was Justin Bieber has been revealed — and it’s good news for Bieber fans.

One Twitter user wrote, “Justin Bieber thinks burritos are harmonicas.”


A YouTube video, titled “We Fooled the Internet w/ Fake Justin Bieber Burrito Photo,” which has been viewed more than 1,188,960 times, the company shows how they used Bieber look-alike Brad Sousa to trick the internet. The viral photo was staged by a group of YouTubers known as The Yes Theory using a Justin Bieber lookalike. In that video, we can see how this plot was set up to get a post viral. We could see that in first few hours the post went really slow but the later parts of the video revealed that the finally found success by posting it to Reddit, specifically the mildly infuriating subreddit.

The explainer video is an interesting look at how to stage a viral prank. 

“To get this thing to go viral, we must have people in the news think it’s real because those are the people who are going to spread it,” Yes Theory member Thomas Brag says in the video.


Many news networks and officially verified personalities tweeted on this post and the tweets had a big question mark that “ Is Justin Bieber unaware of the burrito world”. So that’s how a FAKE photo of JB just went viral so easily, that tells us that Celebrity life is not at all easy. We all must respect them as well as these brilliant YouTubers who made this huge plan and nailed the internet.