Electric Superbike KYMCO SuperNEX concept revealed at EICMA 2018

We have all sort of electric cars today, from taxis of future to super fast race cars, but there hadn’t been much development in the motorbike section based on the e-vehicle concept, and not much to say that sportsbike section was left untouched until now, at EICMA 2018, KYMCO revealed their concept electric superbike the SuperNEX.

KYMCO a Taiwanese company is not known to bring out such bikes but they made an exception and created this gorgeous-looking electric vehicle which is not less than any other bike that is not based on electricity.


This electric concept still provides it with all the power to reach 0 to 100 kmph in under 3 seconds, 0 to 200 in 7.5 seconds and 0 to 250 in 10.9 seconds, which are pretty much similar to LaFerrari hypercar as explained in this video by PowerDrift.

Something amazing in this bike is that it has a 6-speed transmission, well that is something new for an electric vehicle. It has a clutchless upshift and downshifts feature that will allow you to shift the gears and utilize the maximum power out of that gear.


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Also what is inherent to a sportsbike is that sound that is generated that is the character of a sportsbike, but an electric motor does not make any sound by itself, so KYMCO introduced this Active Acoustic Motor. According to KYMCO, the motor has a multi-frequency acoustics generator that reconstructs the dynamic sounds of the motor with great authenticity. It delivers the iconic supersport thrills and messages that every sportbike rider needs. The sound can be further tuned to rider’s liking for its character and volume.


Complete details of the bike are yet to be revealed but with this sure does look like a powerhouse in making, surely this bike will soon be in production and the final result would be awesome. For more details visit PowerDrift’s YouTue channel, and follow KNine Vox on facebook and twitter to stay tuned for more updates.