The Hydrogen Powered future car – 2019 Hyundai Nexo

The future has been demonstrated by many manufacturers is Electric Vehicles. Whether it is based on hybrid technology or completely electric vehicle. But Hyundai has come up with their vehicle of the future and it runs on Hydrogen.

At the LA Auto Show, 2018 Hyundai demonstrated their new Nexo, which is powered by a Hydrogen Fuel Cell Technology. Consisting of a 120 kW battery, the car is based on technology that is completely harmless to the environment.

PowerDrift’s coverage provides a brief about the vehicle and the technology behind it.



The vehicle is based on EV technology, it has an electric motor to power the vehicle, it is filled with hydrogen gas. The hydrogen is pumped from the fuel tank and oxygen is taken from the outside air. THe gases are pumped into a special device fuel cell stack and the chemical reaction converts those gases into electrons.


So this electricity runs the electric motor which drives the car, and one of the products of the reaction is water which is taken out of the vehicle in the form of water vapors from the exhaust which is completely harmless to the environment.

Performance and Design

The Nexo has a range of 380 miles which is farther than most of today’s electric vehicles. It produces a power of 161 HP at 395 NM torque. Talking about efficiency the car is able to produce 61 miles per gallons. Also unlike electric vehicles that take a lot of time to charge completely, this car is fueled up in about 5 minutes, way faster than the EVs.

For its SUV based design Mike O’Brien, Hyundai’s vice president for product planning, has to say this,


We chose an SUV body because of the practicality that US customers place on an SUV seating position. A very acceptable design, a design that people will look for and seek out.

The design is based to make it look more futuristic but not only that the design also helps to achieve more aerodynamic nature.


Engine LAYOUT – Hydrogen Cell powered 120 kW battery
Max Power 161 BHP
Max Torque 395 Nm
Weight 1743 KG
Dimensions L – 4740 mm | W – 1860 mm | H – 1630 mm
Weight 1743 KG
Wheels F – 225/60R17 | R245/45R19

What do you think is the future of automobiles, will Hydrogen based cars stack up against fully electric vehicles. Let us know in the comments section below.


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