Xiaomi Presents the World a fold-in-three Smartphone

Xiaomi, one of the fastest growing tech company, strikes the mobile market with its first original three-fold smartphone. A video recently surfaced on the internet showing Xiaomi’s co-founder handling a three-fold smartphone, opening apps and making video calls.

After notches and full-screen display, the next big thing in the world of smartphones is definitely a folding smartphone. In recent months, a handful of mobile companies have brought up folding smartphone prototypes, including a booklet-style folding slab from Samsung.


In recent years smartphone designs have converged around a phablet-sized touchscreen and little else. These phablet sized phones hardly fit in the pockets of the consumer, so to deal with such a problem, companies are trying to bring foldable phones in the market. Samsung has named this foldable phone technology as Infinity Flex Display. It is more like a tablet with a 7.8-inch AMOLED display that can be folded up to fit into a pocket.

While Samsung is planning to launch a foldable device in upcoming months, Xiaomi has shared a video featuring the company’s President Lin Bin. The video shows bin handling a foldable phone, where he performs the trick of folding the phone not from the centre but on two sides disclosing the phone to be a three-fold phone.

The basic design of the phone remains the same as that of a large screen tablet-like display that can be folded into a smartphone but adopting a two-fold design plays the trick for Xiaomi. The model name has still not been decided. As per the sources, Lin Bin says they have thought of two alternative names, ‘Xiaomi Dual Flex’ and ‘Xiaomi Mix Flex’ but they are also open to suggestions from the public. There are no words from the company on the launch date too, but the customers can expect the device hitting the markets very soon.