Kevin Feige explains why Nick Fury did not call Captain Marvel before Avengers Infinity War

Brie Larson’s Captain Marvel is at the moment running in theatres. The superhero, whose real name is Carol Danvers, allegedly the strongest superhero Marvel Cinematic Universe has seen, was first teased in the post-credit scene of Avengers: Infinity War.

Just before he disappeared from existence, Nick Fury managed to send a distress signal to Captain Marvel. We saw the symbol of the superhero in the pager-like device that Fury used to call her for help.

People have wondered whether Captain Marvel is being retconned into the MCU since Fury, at least on screen, did not ask for Captain Marvel’s assistance when Manhattan was laid waste by Loki and the Chitauri. Nor did he call upon her when Ultron made life difficult for the Avengers. Why did he call her only now — is it because the stakes are higher now?


Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige explains while speaking to Slashfilm, “Well, I’d say two things. One, she does say it’s gotta be a real emergency, right? Yeah. The other thing I’d say is how do you know he never hit it? How do we know he never pushed it before? We’ve never seen him push it before. That doesn’t mean he never did.”

Maybe Carol Danvers’ services are required only when the entire universe is in danger, as it certainly is after Thanos’ Decimation in which the Mad Titan acquired all the Infinity Stones for his Infinity Gauntlet, and blew half the universe to oblivion (or not).

A more likely explanation is Marvel had not decided to put Carol Danvers into the MCU, since Carol took up the mantle of Captain Marvel in comics only after The Avengers hit theatres in 2012.


Captain Marvel will also be seen in the conclusion of the Avengers franchise, Avengers: Endgame, which releases on April 26.