Oppo unveils its Under Screen Camera

Oppo has tried various methods to introduce completely bezel-less devices with placing pop-up cameras on the device and now they have a new innovation as they have brought in first under the screen camera to the public in MWC Shangai.

The under the screen camera was already teased last month, and now they have finally unveiled it with a complete bezel-less experience without any mechanical parts.

Oppo says that the display uses transparent material that enables the light to enter the camera through the screen. This portion of the screen does work as a normal screen does not compromise with the touch capability or screen quality.

However, Oppo has acknowledged that placing the screen in front of the camera will lead to various image quality issues. But the company claimed that it has developed various algorithms that help in improving the image quality and will enable the camera to have a quality similar to other devices.


Oppo has said that it is planning to launch a device with this technology pretty soon. Well, this could be happening pretty soon as we have seen that Oppo has previously showcased their prototypes at these type of events and then released full functioning devices.