Samsung confirms Galaxy Fold re-launch with a release date

After much wait and anticipation, Samsung has finally confirmed that Galaxy Fold will be out for re-launch starting from September this year. The phone was earlier launched in February and became the first manufacturer to introduce the first foldable device, but things didn’t go as planned.

Review units sent to major YouTubers suffered from the various screen and hinge issues, and in a major setback, Samsung had to call off its phone’s release.

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July 20, 2019

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There was extensive testing of the device with no release date of the device being announced, but finally, Samsung has finally come up with next release date and will start shipping their next batch of devices from September.


    Earlier in a press conference, Samsung CEO DJ Kho had said that they rushed the release of Samsung Galaxy Fold before it was even ready and how that turned out to be a disaster. They revealed that various tests had been conducted on Galaxy Fold and they had made sure that it does not go the way Galaxy Note 7 went.

In this ‘first’ wave of shipments, countries such as the U.S., South Korea, Germany, France, the U.K., and India will get to experience the Fold. They even went on to clarify what specific changes they implemented and improved upon. The top protective has now been extended to the very edge of the front panel to not look like a screen protector or come off. The hinge along the spine will now be less prone to external elements thanks to additional reinforcements and protection caps.


At the time of release, Samsung Galaxy Fold was supposed to be the start of a new era in the smartphone industry, and we believe this is the right path for the smartphone industry. Galaxy Fold will be followed by Huawei Mate X which is also expected to be released in September.

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