Did Apple just copy Android in WWDC 2020?

Apple’s WWDC 2020 is currently being kicking off with some really interesting features, but wait have I seen these features anywhere before?

Apple launched its latest iOS 14 which includes various updates. The main updates which Apple introduced are Home Screen Widgets, PIP (picture in picture), Floating Notifications, Compact Siri UI, App Drawer and will come to some more features below.

MKBHD ( one of the top rated tech YouTubers) said in a talk with Kevin O’Leary :

Apple prevails on something like second mover advantage where they sit back for one year and let other companies bring up new features and what ends up being most popular, apple introduces those features next year in their iPhones.


And I think that is the case which is still being carried forward. Now lets talk about the features we talked about earlier. Home Screen Widgets, Well I don’t think any person out there needs to know what Home Screen widgets are. right? (Unless you are a die-hard fan of Apple and has never seen an android device before). Widgets surely help you in knowing things a little bit more from the home screen itself, looks like Apple got a bit late in knowing that.

Secondly comes the Compact Siri UI where you don’t get a full screen Siri but a small icon of siri at bottom of the screen. This leads to a faster search on a smartphone. Obviously we have seen this before in android devices.

And then comes the Floating notifications which was launched by android a bit more earlier than iOS. A way in which you can easily swipe the notification to do the required action you want.

App Drawer – a place where all the apps are shown, no not on the home screen of iPhone, just like various android devices does.


So what do you guys think, does apple copy the already launched features with a new hype?