lg foldable smartphone

LG is working on a strange foldable rollable smartphone

We have seen some interesting foldable smartphones last year. But probably LG seems to be working on the strangest one. LG is working on a device that can be folded and also is rollable, a device that can be used as a laptop, tablet, and mobile.

According to South Korean outlet Asia Time, LG has filed a patent that hints that the company is working on a device having a display that can be rolled and folded.

In its unfolded form the device can be used as a smartphone, on sliding through the right side, the device converts to a tablet device. And then you can possibly extend it furthermore to make it act like a laptop. Well, images give a depiction of how the device is gonna work.

lg foldable smartphone patent
A foldable display device patented by LG Display.

No company has been able to actually nail the foldable display design, and there are always some hiccups with the design and complexity that the foldable screen brings in. So this could be a great chance for LG to revive itself in the smartphone industry.


As per reports the company is expected to roll out a experimental device later this year, and will releaase the device in 2021.

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