snapchat announces snap minis

Snapchat announces Snap Minis to run third-party apps within Snapchat

Snapchat announced a new feature today called Snap Minis, which is a suite of miniature third-party applications that enable various experiences within the Snapchat window. Snap Minis are ‘HTML applications‘ that allow a various range of tasks such as buying movie tickets, chatting with friends, or meditating.

The details were revealed at Snap Summit 2020, for a start, Snapchat will launch 7 minis, which includes a Coachella app, a mini Headspace app, Movie Tickets by Atom, and Tembo (an app for students). The content from these minis can be shared directly with your friends.


These Minis are made by third-party developers and there may be more of these integrations to come in the future.

Some other announcements besides Snap Minis were the ‘action bar’ which is a navigation bar that allows users to easily find local businesses on Snapchat’s Snap Map, lookup for Snapchat’s original shows.


Additionally, Snapchat now also lets you use the in-app camera to “scan” plants and dogs. The company claims that its feature called PlantSnap can identify 90 percent of plants and trees. The app has also integrated Dog Scanner, which Snap says will let users identify nearly 400 breeds.

Finally, on Snapchat you will also now see something called a ‘Dynamic Lens‘ and ‘Local Lens‘. The Dynamic lens will show you realtime information. The Local Lens will let users come together to digitally paint a building around them as part of its ‘shared AR world’.

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