elon musk's neuralink
elon musk's neuralink

Elon Musk’s Neuralink will let the public stream music directly to their brain

Elon Musk’s Neuralink has been working on developing “computer-brain interface” that would help humans keep pace with advanced artificial intelligence. Now Elon Musk has shared another update in a tweet which signifies that people can stream music directly to their brain using a brain chip.

Neuralink is set to implant gossamer-thin wires into a person’s brain that would be connected to an external computer, which they eventually want to connect over a wireless network.

Now when a Twitter user asked Elon Musk if the people would be able to stream music directly into their neuralink chips, Musk replied with a “Yes“.

Last year Elon Musk has shared an update that successful tests have been performed over mice and apes and want to begin testing on human subjects as soon as possible.

Well, music streaming is not the main focus of Neuralink chips, with the implementation of this technology the company aims to treat mental health issues like depression, addiction, OCD, and anxiety.

On August 28 Elon Musk will be updating the world on the progress his startup Neuralink has made. So stay tuned with KNine Vox.