pubg mobile ban

PUBG Mobile could be the next app to be banned in India

The government of India has banned 47 more Chinese apps that were clones of the 59 apps that were banned last month. The announcement for the banned apps will be made shortly by the Government.

Popular apps like TikTok and CamScanner had already been banned in India by the government over concerns of ‘national interest and security‘. Now there are reports that the Government has prepared a list of around 250 that would be examined over user privacy and national security concerns, and one such app among them is PUBG Mobile.

So there is a high chance that days of PUBG Mobile in India are numbered. The game has been extremely popular in the country just like TikTok and a ban on the game would mean a serious loss for the game.

The new list consists of other apps like AliExpress and Ludo World. The main concern with these apps is the amount of data they collect and share with the Chinese government.


Under China’s National Intelligence Law of 2017 needs all tech companies that are based in China to share any information that the Chinese government may ask for.

This is the law that has been concern for many countries and also India.

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