Why verified accounts are watching your Instagram stories?

Is your account public and have you wondered why verified accounts and strangers are watching your stories?

We already know about mass comment and mass liking tools that enable someone to leave comments and like posts automatically with the help of bots. This is an Instagram growth hack that has been popular for some time now. But with Instagram cracking down on these services, mass viewing of the stories seems to be doing the job for them.

Now for this, you have to login through your Instagram to an online tool that watches thousands of random stories with the help of bots, and it seems like this is what many verified accounts have been doing and has helped them in getting followers.

This is how it works, when you suddenly start getting lots of Instagram story viewers and go check out new accounts and find that a verified account watched your story, you are more likely going to follow them. This is basic human psychology, and this has now become the new Instagram growth hack for many accounts.


It seems like Instagram knows about these services and has been trying to put a halt on them, but one way or another there seems to be a way for these services to exist and impact the overall experience of the users.

So next time if you end up getting random story views and from verified accounts, you just need to be careful and understand that they are most probably getting you fake views.

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