WhatsApp is delaying its privacy policy update by three months amid backlash

whatsapp privacy policy

WhatsApp has been facing a lot of backlash over its new privacy policy updates. Amid this, they have lost tens of millions of users to other platforms, mostly Signal. So WhatsApp has decided to extend the deadline to accept the privacy policy by three months.

WhatsApp published in a company blog:

We’ve heard from so many people how much confusion there is around our recent update. There”s been a lot of misinformation causing concern and we want to help everyone understand our principles and the facts.

WhatsApp clarified that they cannot see the chats between accounts as they have implemented end-to-end encryption and neither WhatsApp nor Facebook keeps any logs of these messages. They also said that they can’t see location shared and also they don’t share your contacts with Facebook.

The privacy policy update better clarifies how your data shared with WhatsApp business accounts is treated. They also explained that this new update does not provide them more privileges to share more data with Facebook.

The company is going to use this three-month delay to better communicate with its users and will try to clear up the confusion regarding its new privacy policy and its privacy practices. “We’re now moving back the date on which people will be asked to review and accept the terms,” the company said.

The company said no one will be losing access to the app if they didn’t agree to the new terms of service agreement that communicated the changes earlier this month.


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