Finding Hobbies That Match Your Love Of All Things Techy

tech hobbies for geeks

Hobbies can be a fun and fulfilling way to spend your time outside of work, giving you the chance to embrace something that enables you to learn new skills and push your abilities. Many people have the same hobbies throughout much of their lives, but others will struggle to find anything they enjoy as they grow up. If you fall into the latter category, this article is here to help you out and will be exploring a range of techy hobbies that will enable you to turn your love of modern gadgets into a lifelong interest.


People often view computer programming as scary and inaccessible, though the modern internet has changed this in recent years. It’s possible to find countless resources surrounding this topic, giving you access to huge amounts of learning resources that can make it easy to learn how to code. You could use this to make your own games, create software that handles jobs around the house, or even just do it for fun. Programming is the ultimate form of problem-solving.

Drone Building

Quadcopters and drones have been gaining increased popularity over the last few years. These small flying vehicles are far easier to control than RC helicopters while providing much smoother flight and giving you the ability to have a first-person view. An FPV Quadcopter Kit can get you started with your first drone, and there are loads of ways to make this process more fun. You can learn a huge amount about physics, electronics, and flight when you buy one of these kits.

3D Printing

3D Printers have long been getting more usable and reliable, with many companies producing machines that are cheap enough for just about anyone. With countless free 3D models available around the web, it’s really easy to get started with your first prints, and you can even learn to make your own models if you want to add some extra challenge to your hobby. 3D printing is satisfying and very futuristic, giving tech nerds the chance to enjoy something that feels like it came out of a sci-fi movie.


Microcontroller Tinkering

Microcontrollers like Arduinos have long been a great tool for those who want to tinker around their home. These small computers can control just about any electronic component, from motors to pressure sensors, and this gives you a huge amount of flexibility. You will need to learn some code and how to solder to make the most of this hobby, but this will be worth it to see your own creations come to life. It’s best to start with guides, working towards being able to make your own projects from scratch.

With all of this in mind, you should be feeling ready to take on the challenge of finding a hobby that matches your love for all things techy. Many people find it difficult to take on new interests, but it doesn’t have to be difficult when you’re willing to try new things and take a risk on ideas that might not pan out.