Obama Statement On The UFOs And The Flying Saucers

obama ufo

With the recent news on the unidentified flying objects, or UFOs has been widely increased, attitudes appear to be changing as luminaries like Barack Obama shared his thoughts. For years, the interests in Unidentified Flying Objects or UFOs have been deemed to be one of the most unacceptable across the world.

The changes in the attitudes in the recent week also have widely been increased. Marco Rubio also urges the government for taking UFOs seriously. During the interview, Obama, Former President of the United States was been asked whether there is any issue with UFOs.

Unidentified Aerial Phenomena:

Obama confirmed that the “footage and records” of the unidentified objects do exist. Based on the newfound data, the US interest in UFOs has been widely increased.

The week mainly appears along the stem from the report in CBS’s 60 Minutes. This is mainly tackled with the US Government has been grudging with the acknowledgment of the UFOs.


The defense department, as well as intelligence agencies, will be delivering the much-anticipated report on the mysterious aerial sightings. Based on the 60 Minutes interview there are also numerous credible witnesses that extensively include the former navy pilot.

They state that they have seen the unidentified aerial phenomena or UAP as the government term. All these also mainly prompt that Obama’s discussion about the aerial phenomena goes viral to the extent and they are recorded.

60 Minutes Report:

Obama told CBS that the footage along with the records of the objects on the skies also is true. They have no idea about what these objects are and how they move in an unexplained manner.

The main reason is that they do not have any explainable pattern so that the people are trying to investigate or even figuring out how they are doing it. The video is quite an unexplainable pattern and he also states that he could not say anything about it.


Tucker Carlson is right-wing Fox News host states that they have recently worked with dabbling in the anti-vaccination conspiracy theories. This was also seen in the 60 Minutes report.

UFOs mainly seem to be quite pretty as Obama and Carlson agree with. Based on the recent report from the Carlson stating that Pentagon also does not admits to the situation. And he also showed the viewers the footage of the UFO. It is one of the big problems from the national security perspective.

Sightings On The UFOs:

Carlson also went to spin on the issue with the UFOs across the specious criticism. Under Joe Biden’s administration, there is also another most relative serious discussion on UFOs.

O’Neal also states that they have experience in seeing the “flying saucer” and it has been mainly reported in the CNN interviews with former combat pilots.


With interest in UFOs also grown with the US prepares for releasing the report in June. John Ratcliffe was the former intelligence director who mainly said that they have disclosure on revealing about the sightings on the UFOs. CBS 60 Minutes report states that the government’s ‘grudging acknowledgment of the UFOs also mainly stirs interest.