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Dwayne Johnson is the third-highest choice for US presidential candidate

As we know Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson is not even running for the presidential race, but he is already the third most backed presidential candidate after his emotional speech earlier this week.

UK bookmakers added him to the list after his Black Lives Matter speech criticizing President Donald Trump. According to Oddschecker, the 48-year-old has received 3.34 percent of all bets since he was added to the market, putting him behind Trump, who has received 51 percent, and Biden, who has received 35 percent.

The numbers are quite low and there would be no chance that we will be seeing him in the office anytime soon. But given the fact he has already shown his interest in running for the president’s position, there may be the case that in the future he might be one of the candidates running.

The sudden surge in Dwayne’s popularity is because of his video questioning the leaders, Where are You?


Watch the video:

Johnson has expressed interest in a political career over the past several years but has said he has no intention of launching a campaign anytime soon.


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