Sony is also launching a cheaper version of PS5 ‘PS5 Digital Edition’

PS5 Digital Edition

Earlier this week Sony revealed the design of their upcoming gaming console Sony PlayStation 5. The way PS5 was designed it looked much better than the Xbox Series X and this has got some fans excited. But not only that Sony also unveiled a cheaper console PS5 Digital Edition.

The designs were revealed in a games event this Thursday where Sony gave details about various new games that would be available for the all-new PS5 including the Marvel’s Spider-Man Miles Morales.

The two models that were shown off at the stage were regular PS5 and PS5 Digital Edition, and when users will preorder the console , they will have to choose from between two of them. The major difference between the two is that the regular PS5 will have a Blue-ray disk drive, while the latter does not have any.

This also leads to PS5 Digital Edition being a bit sleeker and will be cheaper than the regular PS5. But still the exact price has not been announced.


According to some speculations the PlayStation 5 is going to start from $499, and then Sony could subsequently lower the PS5 Digital Edition price at around $399. This way the Digital Edition will make a great deal for gamers.

It will be a tough competition for Xbox as PS5 is going to be a lot more powerful and then the Digital Edition offers a great deal.

But we will have to wait for the pricing for now and see how the things work out in the current scenario.

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